How long should I walk my dog? This is a frequently asked question, especially by new dog owners. The answer to this is not a one-response-fits-all solution, as it depends on many factors.  For example, the size and age of the dog and even its fitness level will help you to determine how long to walk your dog.

There are a few vet-recommended guidelines as to how long you should walk your dog, which you can use as a basic guide. However, it is usually best to adapt this advice to your dog’s individual needs. Some dogs simply have more energy to burn than others. As a basic guide, a minimum of 30 minutes a day for an adult dog of medium size is usually recommended. Smaller and older dogs often need less exercise, and larger or more energetic dogs can often go for much longer walks. While 45 minutes or more is ideal, a 30- minute walk is usually an achievable goal for most dog owners and will help to keep your dog fit and well balanced.

For puppies, a walk that lasts 15 minutes is recommended until they are fully grown so that they do not damage their joints by doing long walks. For senior dogs, or dogs with health issues, it is best to check with your vet to make sure your dog does not have arthritis or other medical conditions, which can make walking painful. In this case, reduce the walks down to a length of time that your dog can enjoy without pain. 

It is best to gauge how your dog is feeling about the length of the walk by watching his reaction. If he is energetic, you will notice he is enjoying the walk and is easily keeping up with you. A less active dog may walk slower and need frequent rests. 

Walking is an important part of every dog’s life. Dogs that are walked regularly get an opportunity to interact with new environments, sights, smells and sound. Regular walks also provide dogs with the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, causing them to be calmer, happier and healthier than dogs with limited access to exercise. Also, don’t forget to bring water on the walk if you are going longer distances to make sure your dog can remain well hydrated.

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