Do I get a discount for two dogs?
Yes. The charge will be the rate of the dog walk plus $10 for second dog.
What area do you cover?

We cover Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa SOUTH of Taunton Road in Durham Region.

Our boundaries are:

  • Taunton Road to the North
  • Townline Road to the East
  • Westney Road to the West
  • Ajax/Whitby/Oshawa waterfront to the South

Visits or walks outside of our service area are subject to a $20 + H.S.T. out of area service fee.

In regards to the live in care cost, is that for one animal only and if you have multiple pets, how much more will it cost for each additional pet?
The live in care cost applies to one pet. There is a charge of $10 for each additional dog and $5 for each additional cat. However, I will do an assessment and each live-in pet sitting cost will be determined on an individual basis based on the type of pets, how many pets, and their needs.
Do prices include taxes?
No. The prices listed do not include H.S.T.