April 10th, 2019 is National Hug Your Dog Day. Dogs hold a special place in the hearts of humans that no one can deny. They have a special way of communicating with us that make us feel relaxed and safe. Many people report that spending time with their dogs is a great coping mechanism if they are having a stressful day or are feeling ill. Did you know that dogs were first recognised as emotional support animals in 1973?[i] This is why they hold so many important roles in society, from emotional support dogs, to service animals, to working alongside police and armed forces. For all this love and dedication and loyalty, they have been honoured with an extra special day that falls on April 10th, National Hug Your Dog Day!

According to Google, Canine Behaviourist, Ami Moore, also known as the Chicago Dog Whisperer, created this fun holiday. She wanted to help people to appreciate the joy that dogs bring and to focus on showing their love for their loyal pets.

To celebrate this day, you do not need to do anything elaborate, or spend a lot of money. You simply need to take a little extra time to focus on your furry friends. Give them an extra-long belly rub, take them on their favourite walking route or give them a treat that they enjoy. The idea is to enjoy spending time with your pets and showing appreciation for the joy they bring. Many times, we are so busy that we can only squeeze in a fast walk and a quick cuddle before we rush off to our busy lives. This holiday helps us to slow down and appreciate every moment with our precious pets.

We hope you enjoy this special day with your furry friend and remember that for dogs, it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. They are so easy going and eager to please. Appreciation for a simple treat and some praise for a job well done will be expressed through an excited greeting at the door and some special doggie kisses. Their ability to enjoy life is why dogs will forever be our best friends.

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[i] https://nationaltoday.com/national-hug-your-dog-day/