Whether you are new to pet ownership or have been a pet owner for a while you know that the Vet bills can add up really quick. For my own personal reasons I don’t have pet insurance on any of my pets. I have chosen to ensure that I always have a sufficient amount of money in my savings to cover any unexpected, large Vet bills.
Whether you choose to have pet insurance or not, at the end of the day you may be required to spend some money should your pet require medication.
Here are some money saving tips that are great, especially if you have multiple pets, like myself.

1.Take your Pet’s Prescription to a Regular Pharmacy – don’t be afraid to ask your vet to write out a prescription so that you can go and fill it at your Pharmacy. The Vet may charge a prescribing fee. Ask questions and get all the costs upfront so that you can make an informed decision.

2.Ask Your Vet or Pharmacist if There’s a Better Price – Don’t be shy about this either. You want to ensure that you can afford to provide the care that your pet needs. I have never had any shame in negotiating costs or price. Sometimes there is an equivalent generic version of your pet’s prescription medications. By asking questions both your vet and pharmacist will know that you are a well informed customer. I have no shame in saying that I ask ALOT of questions and I do my research!

3.Use www.pricepropharmacy.com for discounted drugs and medication, and to Find Coupons for pet Medications – this is a good option as well because many pet medications overlap with the human equivalent.

4.Fill in Bulk – If your pet is going to be on a certain drug or medication for a long time or a lifetime, this will save you the time by reducing how often you need to visit the Vet’s office or Pharmacy. Filling in bulk will also save money as it is more cost effective to purchase in bulk rather than by individual unit.
These are often money saving tips that we don’t think about or consider. Pet ownership comes with alot of responsibility. I hope these tips will help to save some pet lives and ensure that no pets go without the care that they need.