Anyone can call him- or herself a dog walker and pet sitter. Create a snappy website, choose a catchy title, print smart-looking business cards, ask friends to provide references and voilà! Instant dog walker and pet sitter. 

At Move Your Doggie we have been serving Oshawa, Whitby and Ajax in the Durham region for six years and know that it is HARD to find the right dog walking and pet sitting service for you and your pet.

Your pet is more than just an animal, they are family. You don’t just hire anyone to watch your children so why be so light when hiring a dog walker and pet sitter?

Here are some things to consider while you are on the search for your dog walker and pet sitter.


Firstly, it boils down to the budget.


You have to look at your budget. Then, the average going rate for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. Services can range but be real, some services are cheap and some are higher, but consider what each offers and if it meets your needs.


Secondly, the services. What am I wanting?

Are you wanting just simple walks? Do you like the idea of pack walks? Do you need to know that you have backup walkers in case your walker is sick? Do you want someone who can pet sit long-term, or just one night? Do you want an organized business with systems and processes in place so you can ensure your walk won’t be forgotten? What about communication? How do you want to communicate with the service? Some just text, others have tools such as pet sitting software and apps that are transparent and easy to use. And then think about how you would like to receive updates or confirmation that the service has been completed. Do you want a quick text from the dog walker saying, “I completed your walk”? Or do you like the idea of a report, with details of the visit, including pictures? These are all things to consider when searching for dog walkers and pet sitters. 


Now to the search.

Word of mouth is always the top way to find a new service. Everyone trusts a service faster if a friend recommends it! So ask your friends who they have used in the past. Next, Google! Search local Dog Walker and Pet Sitter in your area and see what’s available in your local area. Most businesses have websites and social media pages and are a great way to see how they operate. Read their reviews. Do your homework, look at the rates and see if it fits with your budget. If it does, inquire by email, phone or even DM to set up a meet and greet.


How do we work!

We have our online booking system powered by Time to Pet. This new pet sitting software has features such as a client portal, integrated scheduling and invoicing, online payments, mobile applications, and GPS tracking. You will be able to update your info, request services and make payments directly from the Client App or the Client Portal. You will receive real-time updates, pictures and visit report cards after each visit. Your information will be secure and protected using the same 128-bit level encryption that banks use. 

Move Your Doggie offers complimentary meet & greets, both virtual and in-person, to all our clients upon completing their profile. It’s just one of the many ways we go that extra mile to get to know our new clients.  

Since all of our dog walking services are timestamped and GPS tracked you will always be able to see what time your walker/sitter has arrived and the route they walked with your dog. Lastly, you will always get an update upon completion of your service in the portal. This communication will include pictures, a detailed report about their walk/visit and a report card that says if they had a pee/poop, feeding and lots of love!

Move Your Doggie is your “go-to” Premium Dog Walking and Pet sitting services in Ajax, Oshawa, and Whitby, in Durham Region. Our philosophy is to “Move Your Doggie” through exercise, interactive play and socialization with the skills and dedication of our professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

For more information and to book your complimentary Meet and Greet, please visit our Contact Us page. Our philosophy is to “Move Your Doggie” through exercise, interactive play and socialization with the skills and dedication of our professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.