Most cats sleep around 16 hours a day, with kittens and seniors snoozing even longer than that.

The thing to understand is that the normal adult cat sleeps about 16 hours a day, twice as much as we do. 

It’s all about the hunt. Creatures need food to survive, a primary life force. Cats instinctually save their time and energy to hunt for food. Then, they sleep.

Cat’s aren’t nocturnal, but they are most active at dawn and dust. It’s their natural hunt-mode time, and once they eat, they sleep. A cat’s version of “dawn and dusk” may be quite different, and quite irritating, from your own. Everything goes back to the hunt. Cats get active at sunrise and sunset in order to hunt. This also applies to a typical domestic cat. They still have the hunt-mode embedded in them.

Catnaps are a real thing too.  Cats experience both non-REM and REM sleep, but for cats, ‘asleep’ is not ‘off the clock.’ Cats are always on the alert, even when they’re dozing.”

When they are napping, cats sleep in such a position that they can pounce at a moment’s notice. These frequent catnaps usually last 15–30 minutes each.

Now how do I know if they are sleeping too much? It’s difficult for many of us with busy lives to determine how much our cat is sleeping. The one thing we must generally take notice of is our cat’s daily patterns and demeanor.

True changes in your cat’s sleep patterns indicate a call for concern. Here are 2 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Has your cat’s daily routine changed?
  2. Has the quality of sleep and waking pattern changed?

A cat truly does have the life- eat, sleep, repeat. But when it comes to their pattern, if you notice a change then that’s when you should seek out a veterinarian to make sure you cat is in good health. Otherwise,as long as your car is eating and sleeping then they are perfectly healthy. 

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