March 28th, 2019 is national “Respect your Cat” day. Although we love and respect our cats each and every day, today you can show your cat some extra love. We also want to remember that cats interpret our actions a little different than dogs, which is important to remember when interacting with them, especially if we are not familiar with the cat.  We can show our cats both love and respect on this day and all year by being mindful and understanding the proper way to handle, treat and take care of them.  There are many ways to show your cat that you love and respect him, but we’ll just cover five.

How to pet your cat. Cats like to be scratched on their face, cheeks, under their chin, behind their ears and at the neck, where the tail meets spine. They do not like to be scratched in their belly. If you see your cat’s tail thrashing during a belly rub, this means they do not like it. Consider this fair warning and stop. They also do not care for their feet to be touched either. When stroking your cat be sure to stroke from head to tail as they do not like being stroked from tail to head.

Holding a cat. Cats do not like to be held on their back or to be held tightly. If your cat is skittish, aggressive or does not like children then being held is not an option. The more points on your body that touch your cat’s body, the more comfortable he will be. Be sure to hold your cat securely so that he doesn’t feel like he is going to be dropped. When it comes to children holding your cat, make sure they are sitting on the floor crossed legged or on a chair.  It should also be your cat’s choice to be held. Make sure to let the child know that if the cat is trying to get away, let him go rather than risk that chance of being scratched or bitten.  You can usually tell if the cat is agitated by his growling, hissing and swishing of his tail.

How much to feed cat. This can be tricky to determine because cats come in all different shapes and sizes with different metabolisms, lifestyles and activity levels. There are also so many different brands and types of cat foods with a wide variance of feeding guidelines, which will also determine how much you feed your cat. You may choose to feed dry food only, wet food only, or a combination of both. Since cats are not naturally inclined to drink a lot of water, wet food helps to add moisture to their diet.  This, in-turn, helps to prevent urinary tract problems and kidney issues.  Also, be sure to monitor your cat’s weight by weighing him on the scale frequently. Taking your cat to the vet to be weighed is also an option. They will be more than happy to help.

Keep the litter box clean. Be sure to choose a litter box that is the right size for your cat. Kittens prefer smaller litter boxes with lower sides. Bigger cats need a bigger litter box with higher sides.  Set up the litter box in area that is separate from their eating and sleeping area, and accessible, but private.  Remove solid waste every day and do a complete clean of the litter box with soap and water once per week.  When teaching your new kitten how to use a litter box, take him to the litter box and scratch his paws in it so he knows it’s there. When he uses it on his own, give him a lot of praise. If your cat has a habit of going outside of the litter box be sure to consult your vet as it could be the sign of a more serious problem.

Provide a scratch post. Your cat naturally has wild instincts and the need to scratch, so it is important to cater to his instinct to hunt and scratch. Always provide appropriate toys and scratching posts to prevent your cat from destroying the furniture. Gently encourage him to use its toys instead, and always reward positive behaviour with a treat.

We hope these tips will help you to bond with your cat. Move Your Doggie, dog walking and pet sitting services, not only provides services for dogs, but we also provide services for many cats.

How will you show your cat that you respect him on “Respect Your Cat Day?”  Leave a comment below to share!

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