Leash Training

Leash Etiquette is a foundation to Dog Walking. Dogs can have many different issues around walking on a leash. Fear, aggression, excitement and anxiety can all be different emotions that contribute to a dog’s difficulty in staying relaxed, calm and in control. Leash Etiquette is basically setting boundaries and a baseline for communication. We want your dog to understand the importance of staying calm and in control when we are around risky situations, busy roads, aggressive dogs and fearful people. As professionals looking after the well-being of another owner’s dog we are concerned most of all with the safe return of your dog. A dog that understands sit, stay, and release commands generally excel with Leash Etiquette. Any dog that struggles to learn these commands are not excluded but may take longer to acquire leash etiquette.

If you have any issues with your dog reacting adversely to something like a car, a person or another dog, this type of dog training allows us to communicate what is okay for your dog to pay attention to and what he/she should avoid. If you would like to know more about the technical aspects, we would love to sit down in a complimentary Meet and Greet to demonstrate or answer any further questions. Leash Training is included in our Individual walks at no additional cost.

Pack Walk Training

In order for dogs to be ready for the pack they must know three basic things: leash etiquette, patience and how to respect another dog’s space. Dogs that have difficulty meeting other dogs typically have difficulty understanding boundaries and do not understand how to slow down their approach. Slowing down is a matter of guiding their interaction with another dog, encouraging specific social behaviours, and discouraging anti-social behaviours. Dogs that show aggression, have attacked other dogs, or are scared for their lives are far from hopeless and can benefit from Leash training, then transitioning into Pack Walk training.

Pack Walk Training is done at no additional cost, as it is beneficial to have your dog ‘Pack-Walk ready’ so they may join other dogs for some unique outings and pack walks that happen in Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa in Durham Region.