There are many benefits to both individual walks and group walks for your dog.  For now, I will talk about the many benefits of group walks.

Group walks are great for the outgoing pup who loves to socialize with other dogs. Group walks, also commonly referred to as pack walks, are a great way to expose your dog to new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. On a group walk your dog will get to visit new trails, parks, and green space around the city.  These new experiences help to keep your dog mentally stimulated and he/she will love making new friends, much like people do!  I love to see just how excited dogs get when they see their friends! They look forward to running with their pack, which helps to build confidence for the more nervous dogs, or burn energy for the more energetic dog.

Another benefit of group walks is the socialization aspect of it. Dogs need to be socialized. My experience with some dogs who haven’t been socialized is they display a variety of behaviours such as fear, aggression, and anxiety.  These behaviours can be significantly reduced when dogs have the joy, freedom and stimulation that comes from being a part of a pack.

One of the best benefits of a group walk is, “a tired dog, is a well behaved dog”. We often see in dogs anxious, destructive or attention seeking behaviours. Although there may be a variety of reasons for these behaviours a group walk will help your dog to release some of this built up energy.  During a group walk dogs are constantly being stimulated, causing them to be focused and balanced. At the end of the walk your dog will be both mentally and physically tired.  This makes for a well behaved, calm pup ready to greet you when you get from a long, exhausting day at work.

Our goal is to give your dog the best pack walk experience.

Contact us today if you’d like your dog to experience the many benefits that come from running with the pack.